How to Deal With Stress, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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In a changed world that’s depending on us all to do our part, astrologer Vanessa Montgomery explains how your zodiac sign often internalizes stressful situations—and how to improve those responses to better navigate our new normal and beyond.

In a changed world that's depending on us all to do our part, here's how your sign deals with stress—and how to improve those responses.

Emotional eating is a sign Cancer is dealing with something challenging, as is becoming overprotective of family or people you consider family—this extends to close colleagues at every level.

You’ll really dig your heels in when feeling overwhelmed—stress-eat, obsessively check your bank account, become inflexible, and work even harder on the task at hand.

Capable Aries lives for a challenge—in fact, this is a zodiac sign for whom the biggest obstacle is often not having one.

You’ll seek control, clamp down your routine—perhaps a cleaning frenzy will ensue; you’re known to slip into mild obsessive behavior.

This sign is adaptable so you’ll try various approaches to an obstacle.

Aries typically deals with stress by taking the lead and giving orders, and tends to feel safer being self-reliant.

However, you’re a fixed sign, so “the show must go on” isn’t just a cliche for you.

We’re also trying to maintain our own physical and mental health and temper worries about our careers and our finances, all of which can create a perfect storm of stress and and anxiety.

You’re the sign of freedom, and that’s your safety zone, which can be tough when you’re stuck indoors.

Virgo, your stress setting is already quite high, and when it tips into the red, your mind takes the brunt as it races with overthinking and worry, running scenarios through your mind looking for a solution.

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