Molly Matalon on Masculinity, Female Desire, and Her New Book

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So when other women friends, or myself, or whoever, are looking at the work, some people have been like, "Oh my god, that picture reminds me of someone I’ve slept with, or that one reminds me of my boyfriend,” and I can sort of feel myself blushing.

It’s also great because the photograph is this really gentle handout to the viewer, another clue at the end of the book as to what this work is actually about.

Photograph from Molly Matalon’s new book, When A Man Loves a Woman (2020).

You should put out a book. ” Some people are like FKA Twigs, or Lady Gaga; I’d argue most of the artists we look up to in the canon, though, are people who have ideas that drive them in the world.

Did you include this to hint to the viewer that you’re showing us how this depiction of man and women is a performance, and it’s not quite accurate, in contrast with all your pictures?

It’s interesting because I recently started teaching the introduction to theory class at the School of Visual Arts, and a big part of my curriculum is just teaching the students to find what is interesting to them, what’s unique to them, and to just do it—but don’t randomly pick out of a bag.

For women, it’s about discovering this desire that hasn’t yet been made so clear.

That book was about our friendship and very much about the male and female experience at the same time, and sort of blurring gender.

My women friends, or like, women in my life, when they’ve looked at this project, so much of it is about accepting that you have desire as a woman, period. That is a radical idea.

I had the chance to call Molly and discuss her latest book, in what’s been an exciting moment in her career.

When did you start shooting this body of work, and did you go into it knowing it would be a book?

But a lot of other musicians, most musicians I’d argue, are making work that is quite literally a recording of a period of time in their life.

It’s this photograph of a sculpture, a really robust man holding this woman.

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