The ‘Hamilton’ Cast Reunited Just to Surprise a 9-Year-Old Fan

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The reason: Aubrey, a nine-year-old in Jacksonville, was supposed to see Hamilton when the Broadway tour came to her hometown this week, but the show was canceled for social distancing reasons. “We’re home watching Mary Poppins Returns instead,” Aubrey’s mom tweeted, after the family missed the show. “At least we’re safe & healthy.

It’s hard to overstate what truly good news this all is—that the Hamilton cast is staying safe and well and extremely on beat, that Daveed Diggs has such elaborate wallpaper, that Lin-Manuel Miranda is as electrifying over front-facing cam as he is live, that entertainers are going out of their way to make joyful art during dark times. “Thank you for having me! ” Aubrey, the world’s most polite nine-year-old, shouts at the end of the video.

The Hamilton original cast, Mary Poppins, Jim from The Office, and a very surprised nine-year-old girl joined together on Sunday night, April 5, for what must be the liveliest Zoom meeting since your boss’s husband walked in with no pants on.

The call was then interrupted by Hamilton writer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda, who costarred with Blunt in Mary Poppins (or as Krasinski said of him, “He was kind of like a backup dancer”).

She became totally speechless when he was joined by Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr. …and then Anthony Ramos…and then Daveed Diggs and Phillipa Soo…and eventually, the full Hamilton original cast, who joined together to sing the title song from the musical.

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