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As Oklahoma City dermatologist Kimberly Jerdan, MD points out, in general, it’s preferred that someone have short, clean nails if they work in healthcare—since there’s a whole slew of things that can be harbored under the nail plate. “With the current COVID climate, I have seen many patients with concern how to treat nails that had gel or dip manicures,” she says. “I believe in supporting local business and have found many local nail salons selling kits to take off these difficult-to-remove nails. It’s genius.

In addition to also recommending short nails right now, Brittney Boyce, consulting nail artist for ORLY, is pushing a “gel break” to her clients. “With what’s happening now, it seems like it’s safer, since official hand-washing guidelines say to wash under your finger nails,” she says. “I would suggest cutting down the natural nail and filing it in a round shape.

One of her most popular posts: The topic of nail health, which she says is just one crucial part of staying healthy in the current climate. “We want our nails to be trimmed short,” she stresses. “When our nails are longer, germs—specifically bacteria and viruses—can hang out and live underneath them.

Wilmington, NC dermatologist Kendall Egan, MD is also pro cuticle oil and recommends applying it, or Vaseline, at bedtime. “Nails are made of keratin and can dry out like your hair with washing,” she explains. “Healthy cuticles will decrease the risk of bacteria and fungal nail infections. “And avoid biting your nails!

Plus, Boyce says, some at-home nail care or a DIY manicure might provide a nice distraction at the moment. “If you’re looking for colors, I think bright shades look great on short nails and it’s something easy you can do at home.

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