Why the Queen's Coronavirus Speech Was Historic

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Now, you may see the Queen’s yearly Christmas message and think that this sort of televised message is standard practice for the monarch, but the fact is, in 68 years of her reign, her speech about the coronavirus was only the fifth time she gave a televised special message to the public.

After applauding those who have occupations deemed essential (healthcare workers, delivery people, grocers, and so forth), the Queen recalled her first radio broadcast, which took place during World War II, and insinuated that the current moment reminds her of that time.

The four other times such speeches occurred were in February 1991, at the beginning of the First Gulf War; on September 5, 1997, after the death of Princess Diana; when the Queen Mother died in April 2002, and for her Diamond Jubilee in June 2012.

On Sunday, April 5, Queen Elizabeth II addressed the United Kingdom with a televised speech about the impact the coronavirus has had on her nation and the globe.

As her son Prince Charles recovers from the coronavirus himself, Queen Elizabeth’s televised address was filmed by one camera man who stood at least six feet away from the Queen, according to reports from the BBC.

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