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Not only are they convenient for on-the-go touchups, but stylist Ryan Austin says hair sheets keep hair looking healthy and frizz-free. “Redken Frizz Dismiss Fly-Away Fix Finishing Sheets ($25) easily smooth stressed winter strands and dismiss static, eliminating flyaways for all hair types.

As crazy as it sounds to use mashed sweet potato on your hair, colorist Adrianna Vizzoni swears by it. “Sweet potato is a great ingredient for the hair because it’s high in vitamin A, omega fatty acids and contains tons of amazing minerals. ” To make the mask, remove the skin and then steam and mash it (like making mashed potatoes).

Ownder and founder of Cutler Salon, Rodney Cutler, recommends a protective spray like Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray ($26), which detangles, softens and protects hair from excessive heat styling. “This is a must-have to tame winter manes.

Stylist Grace Kim says to restore winter hair with any deep-conditioning mask. “It’s a quick and simple process can replace your conditioning routine.

Caused by a drop in temperatures that literally strips out of the hair and your scalp and less oil production, the key to fighting “winter hair” is to nourish it from the inside out with the right products and treatments.

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