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Pritzker says a “light” version of a Fraxel Dual treatment is actually a great way to drastically refresh the skin in one visit. “I don’t crank it up, and call it more of a ‘laser peel,’” she explains. “We can improve texture and brown spots after even one treatment.

Waldorf, MD says her filler “prescription” differs slightly for patients who have little time to come in for an appointment. “They will come in once a year, but have a more significant amount injected at that time—basically, getting them to optimum in one treatment,” she says. “I have patients who would normally have come in during the time we were closed for the pandemic, but because they did sufficient filler last fall, their face didn’t fall more than six months later—we were just building on normal aging.

The celebrity-loved Hydrafacial took the world by storm over the past couple of years, and for a good reason: it’s a three-in-one treatment that combines a peel, facial and microdermabrasion, all while being tailored to your skin’s needs and sensitivities. “It refreshes and cleanses the skin, especially if you’ve been hiding out from your normal skin-care routine,” says New York facial plastic surgeon Matthew White, MD.

Experts refer to combination treatments as those that are complementary and safe to perform together—an option Charlotte, NC dermatologist Gilly Munavalli, MD says is ideal when time—and efficacy—is of the essence. “They can provide a nice improvement with the limited of number of visits that patients are willing to give,” he adds. Some of Dr.

Waldorf says both are one-session treatments, not a series (although many patients repeat the treatment every one or two years). “Although you can start to see results right after, you really see improvement starting at two months and continuing through six months.

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