This Black Lives Matter Portrait Series Was Shot Entirely Over FaceTime

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Taking into consideration the social limitations currently COVID-19 places on us, DeVito found a way to recreate the signature style of his photoshoots without ever being in the same room as his subjects. "I FaceTime the models, tell them to go near whatever windows they have in their house, and shoot," he tells Allure. "You can't control a lot of factors over FaceTime, so the majority of the work is done in post-production. " Instead of the letter stickers he usually has his models wear directly on their skin, he made scans of them and added them to the faces digitally.

His series have always taken a thoughtful look at aesthetic topics; DeVito's latest project, however, highlights a movement driven by much more than appearance: Black Lives Matter. "I feel a duty to amplify Black voices right now because a lot of people are finally speaking up about Black issues, which is amazing and long overdue," DeVito, who is not Black, tells Allure of his latest series. "But what's not amazing is how some of them are speaking over Black people while they do it.

DeVito has photographed more than two dozen models so far, but, as one of the models displays on her face, "BLM is not a trend" — so there's no end date for this series. "I see this as an ongoing project," DeVito says. "I'll keep this project going as long as there are Black models who feel comfortable and want to share their thoughts.

The phrases include, "Being Black shouldn't make me a target," and, "There comes a time when silence is betrayal" — brief but powerful messages each model told DeVito they want to convey.

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