After COVID-19, the Salon Experience Might Never Be the Same

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The brand has created 12 principles for “enhanced service safety” that will be implemented throughout their stores, as well as a Clean Touch Certification program available to all skin therapists and estheticians, not just Dermalogica employees, to help clients feel comfortable once they return to getting professional beauty services like facials. “When developing our 12 principles for enhanced service safety and Clean Touch Certification, we pulled existing state board guidelines from all 50 states and combined all the strictest practices, then layered our own additions,” Heather Hickman, senior director of education at Dermalogica tells Allure. “If there were ever a state with a higher standard than another, we always went with the strictest.

Salon and spa professionals are eager and excited to see their clients again, but they want everyone to remain safe and hope clients can remain patient with them as they figure things out. “We have always been committed above and beyond to levels of cleanliness and sanitation you rarely find in other nail salons,” says owner Gyimah. “With continued research on COVID-19 safety requirements, we will absolutely continue to be a safe and healthy space for nail care.

Your salon may not offer the service in an effort to dedicate more time to providing appointments for higher-priced services and to avoid potentially spreading the virus. “Maybe people are just going to get their color done and leave,” says Rachel Bodt, a New York City-based colorist. “We don’t really know exactly, and I think there are going to be a lot of things that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the State Board [OSHA] will come through and say we have to do, but I think the whole model of a hair salon is going to feel different for a while.

Gyimah says she’s seen more aggressive measures being taken at other salons. “I've seen sneeze guard installations with nail techs behind them in full disposable gowns, gloves, face shields, and face masks,” says Gyimah. “It's hard to know what is extreme and what is not in a time when there are still so many COVID-19 unknowns.

While George says she hasn’t received any official safety guidelines for reopening, she says ROIL’s clients will likely be required to book appointments — no walk-ins — and remain in their vehicles or outside the salon while waiting for their turn.

The guidelines cover protocol at the shampoo bowls, even suggesting salons ask clients to come in with wet hair, but offer no insight regarding hair dryers and blowouts. “The shampoo area, if we’re still allowed to do that, will be a silent place,” George tells Allure. “No talking, because the client will probably have to take off their mask for a shampoo.

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