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The athletes exhibited increased squat jump height, increased countermovement jump height and decreased blood levels of markers related to muscle damage.  If you’re looking to increase athletic performance for longer without respiratory side effects, this supplement may help. “Bovine colostrum is also remarkable at decreasing the symptoms of leaky gut, which is a stomach issue that often develops in people who are highly athletic,” notes chief wellness officer at Cleveland Clinic, Michael Roizen, MD.

Understand the phrase ‘might be’ because we don’t have good enough data on this,” notes Dr. Roizen. “Colostrum can help to reduce inflammation for the scalp and fight off bacteria, keeping the scalp healthy which is beneficial for healthy hair growth,” notes Dr. Shamban.

Newborn babies thrive off the nutrients from colostrum in order to grow healthily, but as it turns out, children are not the only humans in need of this “liquid gold. ” Colostrum supplements are a one-way ticket to a stronger immune system, improved digestive health and potentially improved skin at any age.

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