How to Even Out Your Skin Tone Without Foundation

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You might reserve your concealers just for covering blemishes and dark circles, but plenty of makeup artists use them to even out skin tones so they don't need to cover the entire face. "I use just concealer to even out the skin with a lot of clients," says Los Angeles-based makeup artist Robert Sesnek. "I find that depending on the [skin] concerns, spot-treating with concealer is a great way to let the skin breathe and use much smaller amounts of product versus fuller-coverage foundation that isn’t always necessary.

Folks with more acne-prone skin or other skin conditions, however, might want to cover their entire face with concealer, to which Medhin says: If you need to, go for it. "You can also use concealer the same way you would use a full coverage foundation," she explains. "When my hyperpigmentation was showing through every foundation, I loved using Nars Soft Matte Concealer all over my skin for a full-coverage makeup look that looks like skin. " Nyx's Full-Coverage Concealer Jar has a similar coverage and consistency.

Because everyone has different skin, everyone is going to need different amounts of coverage in different parts of the face — regardless, you want to avoid over-applying when spot-concealing. "I would not recommend applying concealer to an area where there is no need for it," Sesnek says. "This is the time to remember that less is more and see how little product you can get away with.

Sesnek and Tommy both advise focusing concealer application to the center of the face because that's where most people are prone to discoloration and need the most coverage. "I recommend consumers lay down their coverage under their eyes first, and then around the nose, mouth, and center of the forehead," Tommy explains. "Then blend out towards the cheeks, chin, neck, and hairline.

Delina Medhin, a New York City makeup artist, takes the same approach. "A lot of times we have areas of our face that don't need that much coverage at all," she explains. "You can [mix in] a moisturizer or face oil, depending on the [concealer] formula, and apply the thinner version on those areas; It's a great way to make your makeup look super invisible.

If you're concealing large areas of your face or the entire face as Medhin explained earlier, she recommends applying with a flat foundation brush like Make Up For Ever's Large 108 Brush. "This brush is bigger and wider and will help when you are trying to cover more surface area in a small amount of time," she says.

Whatever you do with your concealer, just make sure you're using whatever coverage levels and techniques make you feel good. "Wear as little as you want or as much as you want," Medhin says. "Wear what makes you comfortable and no matter what you choose, you'll glow.

New York City-based makeup artist Tommy, on the other hand, takes a more advanced approach. "Taking a product that is pigment- and coverage-heavy and thinning it down is what artists like myself do," he explains. "It's better to dumb down a pigment-rich product instead of attempting to layer products that are not meant to go the distance.

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