Pat McGrath and Naomi Campbell Share Why Colorful Makeup Is So Important Right Now

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MCGRATH: And what's funny is, I always call in Naomi after she's done her Lives, and I'm like, "Naomi, what are you wearing? " She goes, "The concealer and a teeny bit of powder here, and that was it. " I'm always getting updates from Naomi on how she's doing with her makeup, as well as how she's doing. CAMPBELL: The colors! The colors!

CAMPBELL: Yeah, I do because I don't put foundation all over my face when I'm doing my own makeup.

MCGRATH: All I wanted to do was make sure I got the most perfect color, so every time, for herself and for me, when I'm working with her or any of my team members are, Naomi would never be let down in any way. She has her shade.

I do get makeup from lots of people, but it's just I know if I'm familiar, when I open it, I know what already works for my skin.

MCGRATH: Naomi is always like, "Pat, I've just seen on Instagram. Where's my glosses? CAMPBELL: No disrespect.

CAMPBELL: For me, in my career, up until that point, I think I'd only worked with two other makeup artists of color.

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