This Viral Challenge Is Showing Just How Much Beauty Companies Need Black Leaders

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Among our executive leadership team, 24% identify as people of color; 8% identify as black. "This difficult moment has re-affirmed our dedication to a path that we have been on for years to ensure that we are a truly inclusive company that represents the diversity of the consumers we serve. "In a post earlier this week, we announced changes to our organization which will support our Diversity & Inclusion strategy.

We are one L'Oréal USA family of brands. "The entire Kosas team is 18% Black, 35% non-black POC, 45% white and 94% women-identifying, including our in-store artists and brand specialists, who help build our brand. "We currently do not have any Black team members in executive leadership positions. We have work to do.

Our force of a corporate team is 76% Female-Identified; 30% BIPOC, 9% of which is Black, & 6% of our leadership team is Black. "Thank you to Sharon Chuter, founder of Uoma Beauty for pushing us all to be accountable in the beauty industry.

The #PullUpOrShutUp challenge, as Chuter shared on Instagram, serves as a litmus test for gauging which brands understand the importance of hiring and supporting Black people. "Your favourite brands are making bold PR statements about their support for the black community," she wrote on June 3. "Please ask them how many black employees they have in their organization (HQ and satellite offices ONLY) and how many black people they have in leadership roles.

This powerful team is also 42% POC, including 6% Black, &5% of our leadership team is Black. "We thank you @heysharonc of @uomabeauty and your call-to-action of all beauty brands to #pulluporshutup and create change.

We stand in solidarity with our black employees, black customers and the entire black community against racial injustice and systemic oppression. "This past week has been a reflection of our values in action and has challenged our entire team to do better.

Unfortunately, black culture is still not that strong here, and there are barely any black people in the beauty industry here, so I am actually proud of our numbers and the fact that we found our team members, relocated 50% of them here and continue to employ and take care of all of our team members the best we can. 2.

Of our 188-member team at DevaCurl HQ and our two NYC salons, we are 54% Black and non-Black POC. "As a minority owned brand, working toward equality & inclusivity is ingrained into the fabric of our company.

Out of 38 people, one is Black and a member of our Executive Leadership Team. "WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH BLACK VOICES ON OUR TEAM. PERIOD.

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