24 Skin-Care Products Bringing Our Editors a Sense of Calm Right Now

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From acne treatments that keep stress breakouts at bay to face masks that serve as a form of escapism, it’s OK to want to treat yourself every now and again. (There is, after all, no "right" or "wrong" way to practice self-care in these unprecedented times, so long as you acknowledge there is privilege in being able to do so. As for us?

Whether your skin is freaking the f*ck out from stress or you just can’t seem to quell the irritation that comes with wearing a face mask covering every day — or maybe a little of both — there is science behind seeking solace in your everyday rituals.

We’re right there with you, so we asked our POPSUGAR editors to share the latest skin-care products offering them some minor reprieve, even if just temporarily — before we all get back to putting in the work.

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