After Ditching Makeup For Months, This $20 Palette Reminded Me Why I Love a Bold Look

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Cosmetics x Jkissa makeup collection filled with neon eyeshadows, glitter toppers, and funky brushes that make my new hobby burst with color.

All my old rituals, patterns, and steps rushed back like a tidal wave, and I quickly started doing my makeup randomly in the middle of the day. Why?

Doing your makeup is kind of like riding a bike — at least that’s what it felt like when I finally picked up a foundation bottle again this month.

The thing is, I used to spend five days a week at an office where I frankly didn’t have time to experiment with my makeup.

After weeks of not wearing anything but clear brow gel, I remembered how downright exciting it is to do my makeup.

These days, there’s nothing more entertaining than scrolling through Instagram, saving a look I love, turning on my favorite playlist or podcast, and getting to work.

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