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Kavali: Mommy Makeovers are each customized to address specific concerns after pregnancy.  A Mommy Makeover isn’t one procedure; it’s a combination of procedures.  The most common areas treated with a Mommy Makeover are the tummy and breasts.  Treatment of the tummy usually involves a tummy tuck, but women who don’t have much loose skin and who still have good muscle tone might only need liposuction or a mini tummy tuck.  Liposuction of the waist is included with my tummy tucks, but many women choose to also contour their hips, thighs, or back with liposuction as part of their Mommy Makeover.

Still, others
don’t notice much change in volume, but have a great change in breast shape
after pregnancy, usually with hollowing in the upper half of the
breasts.  So the breast component of a Mommy Makeover is meant to address
very specific concerns.  Do we need more volume in the breasts?

It can be frustrating to eat right, to work out, and to still not see positive body changes because loose skin and stretched muscles won’t change.  A Mommy Makeover can address all the body changes a woman can’t control after pregnancy, giving her back “herself.

The breast
component of a Mommy Makeover is the most variable.  Some women gain a lot
of volume in their breasts during pregnancy, then lose all of it, and more,
after breastfeeding.  Other women gain volume and keep it all.

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