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Microcurrent devices and tightening skin-care products can help in the skin-firming department temporarily, but New York facial plastic surgeon Matthew White, MD says the real issue is far below the surface where skin-care formulas can’t help. “Unfortunately, the one thing that fillers, Botox and skincare will not help is age-related changes to our facial ligaments,” he says.

Ligaments are fibrous rope-like structures filled with dense collagen that live in three main areas of the face to hold its shape: the angle of the jaw, the jowl area and over the cheekbones. “As we near our mid 40s, these ligaments begin to break down and stretch out,” says Dr. White.

According to the experts, skin-care products absolutely have their benefits—”Skin-care products exfoliate and improve glow and texture,” says Duxbury, MA plastic surgeon Christine Hamori, MD—but they also have their limits.

But if looking upwards significantly
changed your facial shape, you are getting a preliminary sense of what it would
look like to lift these ligaments to
maintain the shape and structure of your face,” says Dr. White.

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