How I Crafted the Perfect At-Home Beauty Routine — and Earned Freebies

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By signing up on the P&G site (it takes literally 10 seconds), you can start earning points on all the everyday items (skin and hair care included) you’re already buying, which can then be cashed in for some major rewards.

The best part: all you have to do is keep on shopping for your favorite necessities like shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, moisturizer, and more, because chances are, you’re already using P&G products on repeat (this is the full list of participating brands, FYI).

But there’s another reason to sign up: each time you score points, P&G makes a donation to a cause of your choice (from providing safe drinking water to ending period poverty).

To earn points, simply upload your receipts from partner retailers to P&G Good Everyday or answer a quick survey, quiz, or poll.

When I (and my hair) need an escape, I use Herbal Essences Coconut Milk & Aloe Hair Mask, the product equivalent of a day at an exotic beach, frozen beverage in hand.

In lieu of a trip to the salon for a refresh, Pantene Illuminating Color Care Shampoo With Biotin is keeping my hair from looking all kinds of wrong.

My brand of coping involves all. the. tie-dye hoodies ever, elastic waistbands, extreme binge-watching, and an unlimited supply of avo "toast" on matzo, thanks to the industrial-size box that came free with my last $450 grocery bill.

The soothing fragrance transforms an everyday wash, rinse, repeat into a calming retreat for mind and body — at least for a few minutes.

So what’s making my product-hoarding shopping even more satisfying is a perk-filled program I just found: P&G Good Everyday Rewards.

To bring it back to life, I started using Olay Masks Resurfacing Peel Vitamin C + AHA, which delivers spa-like effects (in a bottle) in T-minus three minutes.

The two-step system includes a Vitamin C Resurfacing Mask, which you massage into clean, dry skin for one minute, and an AHA Peel Activator, which you massage on top until crystals dissolve.

One thing that’s been helping heal my heels: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Skin Cream.

Apply the whitening strips to your teeth for the recommended 30 minutes (just enough time to give myself a mani-pedi), then use the accompanying little blue-light device for a few minutes to give your teeth professional-like 1,000-watt perfection.

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