11 Incredible Pride-Themed Looks From Black Beauty Creators

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The use of colors from both Pride flags is incredibly powerful and was a poignant move on Ellesse's part. "If you’re not proud to actively support trans folk i don’t wanna hear about your '#pridemonth ????️‍????�????????' black women STAY at the forefront of innovation, black trans women included ❤️," she writes to her fans.

Inspired by the Transgender Pride Flag, Jeremiah created this colorful look using the sparkly pastel pink shade from the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Jackie Aina Palette, an aqua blue liquid eyeliner, white mascara, and two liquid lipsticks to match.

The Houston-based makeup artist debuted his jaw-dropping makeup look on Instagram alongside a caption that explains how proud he is to be Black, Latino, gay, and fem. "I am ME unapologetically ????????️‍????✊????," he writes.

Bahamas-based MUA Kay Ferguson created this electric Pride look with Danielle of @tallbeauttyy, who originally came up with the look. (You can check out her equally awesome version here. ) Both beauties used rainbow rhinestones to create a winged liner effect, which is easily one of the coolest techniques we've seen so far.

The London-based beauty creator used a combination of Depixm Cosmetic's Emulsions and Anastasia Beverly Hills' Norvina Electric Cake Liners to paint the rainbow you see here, and then set it down with powder shadows from the Morphe x James Charles Palette.

This Pride, Dev “thee baddie” Doee is using their platform — as well as their makeup skills — to highlight the importance of using people's proper pronouns. "Pronouns aren’t preferred, they are required.

The beauty and fashion YouTuber reveals it took a whopping five hours to execute, and says Tiffany Hun of @illumin_arty was his inspiration. "[This] was by far the hardest look I’ve ever done but, I’m super proud of it," he writes. As he should be.

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