7 of the Biggest Makeup Questions Asked by Allure Readers

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With luminous skin, warm smoky eyes, wispy lashes, and nude lips, this trend encapsulates all the products and tips you need for natural-looking makeup. "Soft glam is makeup that looks, quite literally, soft," makeup artist Michael Brooks previously told Allure. "Even if it involves green eye shadow, the application and marriage of products look unified and seamless.

When you apply it, focus on the eyes and center of the face, making sure not to over-apply. "I recommend consumers lay down their coverage under their eyes first, and then around the nose, mouth, and center of the forehead," makeup artist Tommy previously told Allure. "Then blend out towards the cheeks, chin, neck, and hairline. " Use a fluffy detailing brush to blend, then repeat on any areas where you want to bulk up your coverage.

Below, you'll find seven inquiries on your biggest makeup concerns, including how to apply makeup to hooded eyes, how to even out your skin tone with concealer, and what you need to know about clean makeup — along with helpful solutions.

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