Diversity Was Never a Trend for Iman Cosmetics

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On June 10, Iman Cosmetics shared its team demographics (100 percent women, 85 percent Black) along with a statement from its founder, Iman Abdulmajid, about what this support for the community has looked like since she started the brand in 1994.

She writes, "It was appealing to a deep psychological need that I think all Black women needed at that time: To be told that they were beautiful, invited to sit at the table, and courted in high style: women of all skin tones want to look good when they rule the world.

Seeing the dearth of Black people on staff at many well-known companies is frankly disappointing, but there are also plenty of brands that have been committed to serving and uplifting the Black community since day one to support.

The #PullUpOrShutUp challenge started by Uoma Beauty founder Sharon Chuter has pushed brands to be more transparent about the lack of diversity on their corporate teams.

Creating a diverse range of foundation shades was important to Iman, but it was deeper than that — it was about affirming Black women's worth and beauty.

While we can only hope that the #PullUpOrShutUp initiative provides tangible change in the beauty industry, it's important to support those who have always been about it.

The supermodel uploaded a video to her Instagram account showing various campaign images from her cosmetics line featuring women of color.

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