The 10-Minute Self-Care Rituals That Changed My Work-From-Home Routine

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Although I try to limit myself to reading only for 10 minutes before bed (so I can fall asleep at a somewhat reasonable hour), I find that picking up any of these books throughout the day and giving myself the time to read and learn has been a critical part of my self-care routine.

When I neglect my self-care routine, those stress levels seep into different areas of my life and affect everything from my productivity to my complexion to even general physical discomfort (hello, lower back pain and shoulder tension).

This concentrated miracle water is made up of 90 percent Pitera, a natural byproduct of yeast fermentation, which functions so similarly to the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factors that it can penetrate deeply, work quickly, and transform skin unlike other ingredients.

But while I once filled those 10 minutes with a lap or two around the block, a coffee run, or even a mindless scroll through TikTok while standing at the giveaway table, I now fill that time with self-care.

I spotted a trend on TikTok not that long ago that involved a few major lifestyle overhauls, like working out twice a day for 45 minutes, drinking a gallon of water, and reading a few pages of a nonfiction book.

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