These 25 Foundations Won't Flake on Dry Skin—Guaranteed

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So we decided to call in some help from the pros—the ones who know which bottles hold the secrets to second-skin textures on any skin type since they do it daily. “Because dry skin tends to be uneven with smooth areas as well as dry, flaky patches, the wrong foundation will exacerbate all of the issues by looking quite uneven,” says celebrity makeup artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen, basically echoing everything we’d discovered.

The silicone-free formula needs to be shaken up, but when you do, it’s got a beautifully sheer coverage (that matches 48 different skin tones). —M. I.

Maybelline Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Liquid Foundation is a lovely, hydrated finish for dehydrated skin that leaves the skin looking luminous and even.

I love this foundation because of the formula; it’s super lightweight but doesn’t give up coverage.

It’s a truly beautiful, classic option for sensitive skin, and the best oil-free formula I’ve found for dry skin. —M. I.

I love this foundation for combination and dry skin because it has ingredients like honey and hyaluronic acid to balance, plump, and moisturize the skin throughout the day.

It works super well on dry skin as it’s a very light texture and doesn’t make skin look like it’s wearing makeup.

In our recent attempts at finding the best foundation for dry skin, we discovered that it’s not as easy as it sounds.

I love that this gives you light coverage with built-in hydration—so the skin looks refreshed and glowy, never cakey. —J. D.

This versatile formula can be applied by hand or by airbrushing and leaves the skin looking absolutely flawless, smooth, and hydrated.

I love the ingredients in this formula (seed oils, vitamins, and more) that lend to the even texture on the skin.

This easy-to-apply stick foundation helps fight redness, while the active ingredients plump the skin and give some extra hydration.

Chanel Les Beiges has a lightweight, moisturizing formula that works great with uneven skin. —B. R. A.

This foundation is formulated for the demands of HD cameras is and super soothing for sensitive skin.

If you want a foundation to last without drying your skin out, this is a great option.

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