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Goldstein explains that a typical request among his older patients is none other than Christie Brinkley, “who, despite her age, still has a beautiful smile to keep her face looking young,” he says. “Another common request in this age group is Julia Roberts, who over the years, still has smile appeal.

Saghezhi, noting that his patients are veering towards natural veneers as opposed to the “bigger, chunky teeth. “More and more, everyone is bringing in Jessica Alba’s teeth and want their teeth to look like hers,” says Dr. Almunajed. “I tell them we can use that as a blueprint, and make it work on you, and make your smile a better version of yourself,” he says. Dr.

Any great cosmetic dentist will tell you that your smile says so much more about you than the last time you whitened your teeth. “A person’s smile can portray beauty, proportion and many other qualities,” says Atlanta cosmetic dentist Ronald E. Golstein, DDS.

Cupertino, CA cosmetic dentist Khalil Saghezchi, DDS says his younger patients often come into their consultations with photos of Kim Kardashian West’s smile. “My older patients tend to ask for a smile similar to that of Sofia Vergara—a very natural, conservative smile,” says Dr.

New York cosmetic dentist Husam Almunajed, DDS says our smile can also say more about our personality than we think. “Depending on how you want to be perceived—strong, dominant, delicate, calm—we can play with the shape of the teeth,” he says. While Dr.

Powell, OH cosmetic dentist Neal Patel, DDS says his patients most frequently mention Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jessica Simpson when explaining the type of look they’re after. “I think it’s simply because they are not afraid to smile.

Goldstein says his younger clientele most frequently request a smile similar to Anne Hathaway’s. The reason why? “Her smile is perfectly proportioned to her face, which contributes to the appeal. celebrityDDSDr.

Goldstein agrees: “Over the years, no doubt the most popular celebrity request has been Jessica Alba, who has the most balanced smile to face ratio.

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