For Meena Harris, Self-Care Means Action: ‘We have shit to get done’

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The daughter of public policy advocate Maya Harris and niece of Senator Kamala Harris, she became a lawyer before founding the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign, whose Instagram-ready apparel helps fund social justice organizations including the Essie Justice Group, Black Futures Lab, Higher Heights for America, Justice for Migrant Women, and the TGI Justice Project. “As Audre Lorde said, self-care is warfare, right?

In the midst of a movement as important as this one, “you should try to find self-care wherever you can find it,” says Meena Harris, founder and CEO of Phenomenal and author of Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea. “But I’ve never been super good at that.

It's a privilege to be able to say, “Oh, I wish life would go back to normal. ” The fact is a lot of what we thought was normal should not have been normal—people not having health insurance or a social safety net, police killing people.

When it comes to activism, as well as being an entrepreneur, it's mentally exhausting, it's emotionally exhausting and you can't survive if you're not taking the time to work on yourself and to get rest when you need it.

Self-care, she points out, is inherently privileged in some ways—the time, the means, and the underlying sense of safety required to take time out of your day to read a good book or do a face mask isn’t available to everyone. “I think about people like my mom, you know, seeing the teenage single mom, like she's not trying to fucking meditate or do yoga.

I’ve been pushing myself to do Peloton and the reason why I've been trying to push myself to do it is not because I'm trying to get in better physical shape, it's more so because I see that it helps my mindset and it helps me to come up with creative ideas.

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