Rainbow Tie-Dye French Tips Are the Coolest New Way to Show Your Pride

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Be sure to wipe your brush between each vertical stroke so you don't drag too much product," she tells Allure. "You will have to work fast with regular polish so I would recommend one nail at a time.

There's no time of year that isn't a great time to insert a little rainbow magic into your beauty look, but June is an especially meaningful time to implement some creative expressions of Pride.

The sky's the limit with manicures — rainbow nail art comes in so many amazing forms, whether it's a different solid color on each finger or multicolor patterns all the way across your hands.

Nail artist Queen B shares some additional tips. "Lay down each color of the tie die individually, horizontally, and then drag a nail art brush through each color vertically.

Many of those who've shared their takes on rainbow tie-dye tips have credited Katie Masters, known on Instagram as @nailthoughts.

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The glossy stunners she posted last June feature vibrant colors swirling in various shapes on the tip of each nail.

But one of our favorite and especially summery Pride manicure ideas has got to be rainbow tie-dye tips.

And while most versions feature a clear or beige base, they all have one thing in common: a mesmerizing blend of rainbow colors painted to look like tie-dyed fabric.

No two sets of rainbow tie-dye tips are alike, as proven by the many amazing examples on Instagram.

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