How a Lady Gaga Concert Sparked My Exploration of Makeup

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I've been taking this time while sheltering in place to be like, "OK, well, I can't do anything else, so I might as well be comfortable with what's going on here and play with it. " To me, makeup is very important, and expression is very important.

From his home in Los Angeles, Lam tells allure. com's beauty editor Devon Abelman how his baby's breath-adorned flushed cheeks represent how makeup helps him explore not only his queer identity but also femininity and masculinity.

We asked five makeup artists and creators to share their dream Pride looks and how they're using makeup as an artistic medium to not only explore their identities but also cope during this difficult time in our new series, Pride in Place.

You should do whatever makes you the freest and happiest and most comfortable.  I am confident that in two years I won't be this person because I know I'm able to break away from the binary of what I'm supposed to be as a person.

I do makeup tutorials, but I refrain from telling people that this is the way you have to do things because, all in all, you can do whatever you want.

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