I Finally Found a Breathable Face Mask That Makes Me Feel Stylish

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I love the feel and vibe of this mask, but before I count the reasons I enjoy wearing it, here’s the number one reason I find it so compelling: right now, Clare V. is encouraging customers to donate to Color of Change with the purchase of the mask, starting the minimum spend at $1.

But here’s the thing: it’s not exactly exciting to wear a mask, and it took me awhile to think of it as part of my outfit. But once Clare V. ‘s linen Bowie mask arrived, which I selected for a few reasons (all of which we’ll get to in a moment), I came around to the idea that I have a choice about which mask I wear.

While I’ve been wearing a standard blue non-medical face mask, I’ve still appreciated the iterations fashion brands are rolling out, many of which offer a 1:1 donation initiative.

"It’s not exactly easy to feel excited to wear something enforced due to risk of infection, and it took me awhile to think of my mask as part of my outfit".

As states begin to roll out phases of their reopening process, the CDC highly recommends wearing a face mask while out in public, especially when in groups or gatherings.

The importance of wearing a face mask should not get lost on any of us; the purpose is to do our part to stop the spread of the virus.

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