The 38 Best Hand Sanitizers to Clean Hands in a Pinch

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As an added bonus, the brand will donate sanitizers to HealthRIGHT 360, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that provides health-care services to the homeless and low-income residents statewide to help in the effort against COVID-19. 100% Pure also launched a multipurpose Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray that's formulated with skin-softening aloe vera and vegetable glycerin, as well as 70 percent ethyl alcohol and antibacterial lemon essential oil so you can keep your hands and non-porous surfaces, such as grocery carts or door handles, clean at the same time.

Orly Hand Sanitizer Spray forgoes fragrances or oils, and cleans hands with just four essential ingredients: 75 percent isopropyl alcohol, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, and purified water — because skin sensitivity shouldn't be something you have to worry about right now.

Physicians Formula's Rosé Take the Germs Away Hand Sanitizer is loaded up with 80 percent ethyl alcohol to kill bacteria, in addition to tea tree oil and aloe for conditioning and softening hands.

Armed with 68 percent ethanol alcohol and glycerin, Milani's Rose Hand Sanitizer comes in a handy spray format that keeps hands clean and moisturized.

You can count the ingredients in Peter Thomas Roth's Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Antiseptic 80% Topical Solution on one hand: 80 percent alcohol, glycerin (which attracts moisture to skin), hydrogen peroxide, and purified water USP (which means it's designated as water for pharmaceutical use).

This sanitizer is 62 percent alcohol and formulated with coconut oil and cucumber and banana extract for a summery scent. "While not as effective, alcohol-free hand sanitizers can be used in a pinch if you have sensitive skin," says Zeichner.

As with all of these options, Lather's Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizing Aloe contains over 60 percent alcohol to keep hands clean while you're on the go.

The 100% Pure Sanitizer Spray is 62 percent alcohol, but it also contains tea tree oil, which has antibacterial properties, as well as aloe vera and glycerin to soothe irritation and keep your hands from drying out.

Vegamour's Hand Sanitizer Spray is plant-based and cruelty-free and contains moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera and marula oil in addition to 75 percent isopropyl alcohol. The best part?

Despite the 70 percent alcohol content found in Dear Sundays' Hand Sanitizer Hs. 01, it's mild and uses glycerin to keep skin feeling soft.

Like its name suggests, Biosilk's sanitizer has moisture on its mind and drenches skin in aloe leaf, glycerin, and essential nutrients to give dry skin some well-deserved relief, while killing germs with 77 percent ethyl alcohol.

Eir NYC's Pure Eir hand sanitizer mixes a 65. 7 percent alcohol formula with calendula and olive oil to hydrate skin and witch hazel to help kill germs.

Clark's Botanicals Hand Sanitizer contains a substantial 71 percent ethyl alcohol to give you a little peace of mind when you don't have access to a sink and good ol' soap and water.

Orly reconfigured its Los Angeles-based nail polish factory to produce hand sanitizer, and the first 10,000 bottles were donated to the city of Los Angeles with a focus on helping the homeless population. "This is a plant-based sanitizer that effectively kills 99. 9 percent of germs and bacteria," says Friedling.

The sanitizer contains 65 percent alcohol, plus hyaluronic acid for extra moisturizing benefits, and comes in two varieties: Unscented and Grapefruit. $1 of each hand sanitizer sold goes to The Robin Hood Relief Fund.

Bare Republic's plant-based Bare Hands Sanitizer Spray keeps hands bacteria-free with a 60+ percent alcohol formula with aloe, glycerin, and calendula and chamomile extracts for an extra refreshing element.

This 62 percent ethyl alcohol Essential Hand Sanitizer Spray has three cost tiers.

The 67 percent alcohol-based hand sanitizer uses a smart spray system that evenly distributes product onto your hands so you don't miss any spots, and it comes in eight delightful varieties to suit any taste, including watermelon, citrus, and vanilla cinnamon.

Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, breaks down the basics of how to use hand sanitizer properly. "Hand sanitizers are designed to kill bacteria and viruses that cause infection," he tells Allure. "In order for hand sanitizers to be effective, you need to use enough to fully cover the entire hands and fingers.

The 62 percent bacteria-killing alcohol in this Tonymoly 62% Alcohol Aloe Chok Chok Hand Gel is balanced with a healthy dose of soothing aloe water and witch hazel for an effective cleanse that doesn't leave your hands sticky or chapped.

This lightly fragranced version contains ethyl alcohol and glycerin to kill 99. 9 percent of germs, while aloe vera gel keeps your hands as soft as possible.

Cabinet Instant Hand Cleansers come in easy-to-use spray formulas that are made with 70 percent alcohol to get rid of all creeping germs and a specialty blend of lemongrass oil, lemon, pine, orange peel, and cypress leaves for a lovely smell you won't mind turning to — over and over again.

Keep in mind that hand sanitizer is meant to kill germs, not erase visible dirt. "Sanitizers simply don't work as well when your hands are covered in dirt and grime.

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