The Delightful Voyeurism of Watching News Anchors Report From Their Homes

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While some news anchors continue to beam into homes nationwide from formal studios, even as the number of deaths from COVID-19 double every three days, more—including the wonderful anchors on PBS News Hour—are broadcasting from home, standing in front of blank walls that producers (often also working from home) manipulate to look like “real” studios.

Please, help yourself to one more accidental delight of this deeply unpleasant time: watching straight-faced news anchors broadcast from their homes, in front of their decorative rock collections, their wedding photos, and their psychedelic posters.

But that’s nothing compared to the strange pleasure I feel as I watch CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger analyze a White House briefing while sitting in front of a glorious built-in bookcase dotted with white pillar candles, decorative baskets, and a framed picture of a child.

News anchors doing straight-faced reporting in front of their rock collections and wedding albums is a surprising pleasure during a scary time.

But news anchors, who tend to keep more of a professional distance, have neither the time nor the taste for brutalist architecture required to stage their homes in time for their audience’s unexpected visits.

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