This CNN Commentator's On-Air Hair Is an Act of Resistance

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Because of that, I’ve been making an effort to protect them by using a no-suds shampoo by Hair Rules and working with my hairstylist, Johnny Wright (he used to do Michelle Obama’s hair), to occasionally incorporate extensions or wigs so there’s no need for heat-styling or tugging.

When someone recently suggested that I shouldn’t wear my hair curly on TV, my response was, “For little black girls everywhere, I’m going to wear it curly!

A lot of people are just starting to accept that how black women wear their hair is a form of self-expression.

There are people of color losing their lives in this country because people don’t get us, and you might say, “What does that have to do with hair? ” I say: Everything.

And you know I’ll be doing my part to continue to empower my sisters so that they can wear their hair exactly how they want to.

If someone is not allowing you the space or respect to simply do what you want with your hair, you’re going to be restricted in so many other ways.

When people ask my advice about wearing their natural hair, my response is always the same: Do you.

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