15 Wellness Products to Add to Your Self-Care Routine

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Some routines include the usual suspects, like bath soaks and salts and a great pair of running shoes, but there are other ways to show up for yourself, like listening to an inspiring podcast or being more conscious about the brands you shop.

The pieces are supercute, and the brand has committed to donating all proceeds of the new launch “to various organizations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, including the Loveland Foundation, the Okra Project, and the NAACP Legal & Defense Fund (at a minimum of $20K for each). ” —T. A.

I grew up learning the importance of Black communities’ investing in Black businesses, and given the current global uprisings and eagle-eye focus on Black economics, there’s no better time to advocate for one of my all-time favorite brands.

There’s just something about wearing put-together underwear that makes me stand up straighter—which is why I was so excited to see that Girlfriend Collective just released a collection of socks and underwear made from recycled plastic bottles.

Whether I’m using the computer while sitting on the floor, on the couch, or in a wooden chair, my back can feel like it’s in a constant state of PMS pain.

It’s a great way to support a Black-owned business while also supporting artisans and creatives everywhere from Mexico to NYC. P. S. : There’s still enough time to sign up for the next edition, which ships out on July 15.

Bonus: I’ve started listening to more podcasts around the house while I clean, and the noise-canceling function makes for great ear plugs when I’m working from home during the day.

About two weeks ago, I hooked it up to the other “smart” products in my home and I feel like I’m living in the future—but not the scary Westworld kind.

When NYC was completely shut down at the height of local COVID-19 cases, I picked up a curiously large peace lily at a local bodega to lift my spirits, and it has been the most low-maintenance, fast-growing, gorgeous plant in my apartment!

Aside from taking social media breaks and checking in with loved ones, there are so many ways you can make self-care a priority—which is why we asked Glamour staffers to share the wellness products that are part of their daily rituals.

Not only does the online grocery store carry hundreds of organic, eco-friendly products at 25% to 50% off regular retail prices, but it also has a convenient filter function that lets you shop by diet (keto, Whole30, gluten-free, paleo, etc. ), category, or brand—including BIPOC-owned.

A smart-home device doesn’t exactly scream “wellness essential,” but upgrading my apartment with this Google system (it’s a Wi-Fi router plus an Alexa-type device) has made a huge improvement in my daily routines and no-longer-spotty Zoom calls.

There’s a thin line between staying informed and becoming overwhelmed by today’s news cycle, but GirlsTrek has fed my spirit and my pride in being a Black woman.

But individual buying power is impactful, and I’ve been prioritizing Black-owned businesses into every one of my shopping categories—wellness products included.

They’re part of Keds’ latest collaboration with The Jungalow founder Justina Blakeney, and every time I slip them on, they prove to be the perfect quarantine pick-me-up. —B. J.

I don’t feel good about my day unless I’m wearing good underwear, plain and simple.

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Between the distressing news cycle, Black Lives Matter protests, and challenges of social distancing guidelines, it can be hard to find stillness these days.

The little pods are adorably discreet Wi-Fi boosters, and with the Point, I can start my morning with a proper news briefing, check how much energy my lightbulbs are using during the day, and automatically turn on my aromatherapy diffuser in the evening. —S. S.

At the start of the pandemic, James’s label created Something Special which sends “sustainably and ethically made comfort” (think socks or a handcrafted mug) to your door every month.

I love Sonix’s scrunchie set—it’s made of 100% mulberry silk and perfect for putting your hair up in the hot summer months. —J. R.

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