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According to the brand, the product “effectively hides pimples, redness, acne, razor burn, scars, or other imperfections that every man’s face inevitably suffers from. ” The collection also contains a $25 Tinted Moisturizer in the same three shades as the concealer—the brand calls it “the ultimate answer to acne” and claims it’s great for diminishing redness and evening skin tone.

Men’s grooming has seen incredible growth during this stay-at-home period, and CVS has been leading the growth in this segment in the market this year,” says Maly Bernstein, vice president of Beauty & Personal Care for CVS Health. “Our team has brought in several on-trend and emerging brands with plans to further expand our assortment, particularly in our BeautyIRL store formats.

The black packaging is minimalist and masculine, and “designed to be sleek and discreet. ” According to the brand’s website, the products are meticulously formulated for male skin. “We didn’t just take a women’s product and slap a ‘For Men’ label on it,” the company writes.

On the heels of its announcement to launch its own wellness brand Live Better, CVS, the country’s largest drugstore chain, is now helping to make men’s makeup mainstream. “Men are a top customer focus at CVS Beauty.

As Bloomberg reports, online searches for “make makeup looks” increased nearly 80 percent in April compared to the same time last year, according to market analytics firm Moz.

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