Everything You Need to Know About ‘Cursed,’ Netflix’s ‘Game of Thrones’-‘Hunger Games’ Hybrid

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Both created the TV series and serve as executive producers. “Realizing these characters from page to screen was a unique and thrilling creative challenge,” Wheeler told Entertainment Weekly. “I think first and foremost when casting for Cursed, Frank and I were looking for a mythological truth, actors who could bring the emotion and the humanity to legendary characters without losing the sense of elemental magic and epic stakes.

Hannah Baker from 13 Reasons Why), the show is described as “a reimagining of the Arthurian legend, told through the eyes of Nimue, a teenage heroine with a mysterious gift who is destined to become the powerful (and tragic) Lady of the Lake. “After her mother’s death, she finds an unexpected partner in Arthur, a young mercenary, in a quest to find Merlin and deliver an ancient sword.

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