We Never Thought We'd See the Day, but Jojo Siwa Debuted Dark Brown Hair on TikTok

Curated via Twitter from POPSUGAR Beauty’s twitter account….

In a video posted on Siwa’s TikTok on June 27, she can be seen lip-synching to Miley Cyrus’s "I Can’t Be Tamed," still with blond hair, but halfway through the video she spun around to reveal her new brown hair color.

On June 29, Siwa was photographed in West Hollywood outside of a restaurant, hair up in her classic high ponytail with a big pink bow, but the dark brown hair made her look completely different.

That’s why we were pretty shocked to find out that Siwa is no longer rocking her blond locks — she recently dyed her hair dark brown.

She captioned the video "………. ," and from a look at the comments, her fans can’t believe she made the drastic hair change from her golden blond hue.

Since then, Siwa’s uploaded two more videos of her brown hair on TikTok.

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