28 Supremely Cool Swimsuits to Wear in Your Backyard This Summer

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With shoppers becoming more interested in decreasing their environmental impact with the clothes they wear, sustainable brands are on the rise, and tons of swimwear brands are utilizing discarded fishnets, plastic waste, recycled nylon, and upcycled fabric to create suits that look and feel like the regular thing.

It’s also looking more eco-friendly than ever, with a number of sustainable swimwear brands creating recyclable pieces that don’t skimp on style—or throw your budget to the summer breeze.

Geometric cutouts and criss-cross necklines are winning trends on the swimwear front, and it's impossible to scroll through social without spotting influencers wearing various takes of the one-shouldered tank top.

Plenty of dreamy trends for all body types cropped up this year, from one-shoulder numbers to lingerie-esque bikinis, and metallic one-pieces, swimwear is looking offbeat (in the best way).

If you're looking for an easy way to lean into sustainable fashion without sacrificing style, swimwear is the area to do so.

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