Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale Are Renovating Their Houses Together

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Vanessa Hudgens posted a bunch of photos that show her with Tisdale through the years and describe how their bond has lasted into "adulthood. " “We met on a commercial audition and our friendship took off.

Last year, in an interview with Us Weekly, Tisdale opened up about what her relationship with Hudgens means to her. “We actually worked together a year before in a Sears commercial, and from that day on we were super close,” she said in August 2019. “So people don’t really — I think some people know that, but they think it was that movie that brought us together and it really wasn’t.

Next to High School Musical, to touring the world, to shopping ALOT, to basketball games and a lot of rose, She wrote in the caption of the post. ”Now in our adulthood we [are] busy helping each other decorate and renovate our houses.

So, on Tisdale's 35th birthday on July 2, Hudgens celebrated some of her favorite memories alongside her "OG bestie," revealing that they're currently decorating and renovating their houses together.

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