Kanye West Has Just 30 Days to Make His Presidential Run Mathematically Possible

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Missing out major prizes like Texas (whose 38 electoral votes are the second most in the nation, and notably is inching ever closer to possible "swing state" status) and New York (which has 29 votes, tied with Florida for the third most) already puts a West candidacy at a major disadvantage.

The deadline would pass ballot in states representing a total 207 electoral votes would pass by the end of July.

West could technically just tell people to write-in his name, but even then, some states require him to officially register as a write-in candidate to have those votes counted.

By August 5th, he’d have missed out on qualifying for ballot access in state representing 278 electoral votes. 270 electoral votes is the magic number you need to win. You see the problem.

Unfortunately for the fledgling Ye 2020 effort, the deadline for an independent candidate to register to appear on the ballot come November has already passed in Indiana, Maine, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina and Texas.

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