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I’ve been doing a lot of face masks right now (no pun intended) and there’s this brand called Youth to the People—it’s all green—that has this spirulina mask I love.

I’ve loved that it’s slowed my life down a little bit, and it’s made me grateful—so grateful—for things I took for granted, like seeing my family or getting my hair done.

Today is National Kissing Day, and to celebrate, we’re talking to The Hills actress Audrina Patridge about why many of us still care about the appearance of our lips despite #masklife, the beauty products she’s currently stocking up on, and how stay-at-home orders have altered her daily routine.

With COVID, it’s definitely made me take a little bit more of a natural approach with not as much makeup and not curling my hair, but I still wear lip gloss and lipstick.

I’ve catered to my relationships and friendships more because I have more time—it’s given me more time to focus on my daughter.

Kirra has been kind of doing that with me, so I got her little 2 pound weights and a little yoga mat, and we’ll sit there together and I’ll try to teach her certain things.

So, whether I’m wearing a mask or not, I still feel good.

One of the biggest benefits is that I don’t have to overdraw my lip line—I just wake up, throw some gloss on and I’m good to go.

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