Kylie Jenner Put a Twist on the Negative-Space Nail-Art Trend With a Mismatched Manicure

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Jenner has so many great nail looks, it’s hard to keep track of our favorite, but her latest manicure is a strong contender.

On July 7, Jenner posted a shot of her newest nail design on Instagram: mismatched nail art.

The shot of Jenner’s nails was posted not long after she shared snaps on her Instagram Stories of adventuring around the desert and swimming with friends.

Very few come close to achieving the level of nail influence that Kylie Jenner has.

Each oval-shaped nail features a different design on a beige nail polish base.

The designs include pink, orange, yellow, blue, black, and white and form the shape of squiggles, dots, eyes, tiger print, and more.

The stacked variety of dainty rings on Jenner’s fingers really accentuate the manicure.

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