Here’s Your First Look at Clare Crawley Filming ‘The Bachelorette’

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When Crawley was first announced as the 16th Bachelorette back in March, she said her age will work in her favor. “A lot of people put it out there as this negative thing, but for me, it just is more years under my belt, more learning and knowing what I want, what I don’t want and what I won’t settle for,” she said on Good Morning America at the time.

During that same podcast, Crawley opened up about a past abusive relationship. “I had just gone through a really, really abusive relationship going into Juan Pablo’s season,” Crawley said, per People. “I want the man of my dreams to see the worst of me, to know the worst of me.

The 39-year-old first appeared on Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor in 2014. “I lost respect for you,” she told him as she walked away from him on the show.

Not to have maybe compassion or anything like that, but to maybe see it’s not always easy and confident and strong and empowered. “I want a man to love me for that, and not just for the easy makeup and hair,” she continued. “Anybody can love you for the easy fun times and the smiles and the laughs….

It’s been something that I’ve hidden for so many years, but until I’ve owned that part of my life and looked at the stuff I’ve been through as shame, but to look at it as my superpower, and these are the things that have made the woman that I am today.

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