Olivia Munn Is Making Me Want to Dye a Chunk of My Hair Blue

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Nikki Ferrara, colorist and owner of Nikki Ferrara Hair Color in New York City, is a big fan of Matrix Color Blow Dry, a foam formula that deposits temporary color that's visible on any hair type and sealed in with the heat of a dryer. "I've used this one and it does the trick — and doesn't make the hair feel like chalk," she tells Allure.

For a longer-lasting option, there's a variety of Overtone color conditioners made specifically for brown hair. (Yours truly tried and loved the purple variety. ) There's more than enough in each jar to cover your entire head, but you could also apply it to just a strand, like Munn, or to your ends for a dip-dyed look.

It's unclear if it's just an optical illusion from how the photo is lit, if Munn bleached that strand before dyeing it blue, or if she used a hair-color product intended for darker hair — but whatever the case, it's inspiring.

Munn posted a photo to Instagram on Wednesday, July 29, and in the selfie, we see what appears to be a streak of blue in her dark-brown hair.

But if you can't stop thinking about coloring a strand of your hair a fun color, we have plenty of favorite products to help you out with that, too.

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