I Visited Tatcha’s new Animal Crossing island — and I Never Want to Leave

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One of those brands is Tatcha, who is partnering with activewear brand Alo Yoga and Nook Street Market (a trio of players who create custom clothes and accessories for the game) to celebrate the launch of Tatcha's new Rice Wash cleanser. "In light of COVID-19, having a digital-first marketing approach is no longer a 'nice to have' — it’s a must-have," says Sarah Curtis Henry, the brand's chief marketing officer.

Playing the game has been a coping mechanism for many people, and Vicky Tsai, the founder and chief product officer of Tatcha, gets that. "We’ve always believed that skin care is self-care, but in today's world, we often find ourselves missing the joy of play," she tells Allure. "When the opportunities to create Tatchaland and partner with Alo came about, we were so excited by the possibilities — we loved the idea of giving our community a moment to be a kid again and discover The Rice Wash in a new, fun way.

So I hopped a ride on Dodo Airlines and trekked over to Tatchaland Island for an exclusive first tour of the island before it opens up for influencer previews and, eventually, the public.  As the Dodo seaplane came in for a landing, I saw the beautiful computer-generated landscape, all gussied up to look like you're actually in Kyoto, the city that inspired the creation of the Tatcha brand.

To celebrate the launch of its Rice Wash Cleanser, Tatcha created an Animal Crossing Island to give consumers stuck at home the Kyoto experience.

Of course, I couldn't leave Tatchaland without merch, so I headed to the Able Sisters shop (the clothing store on each of the Animal Crossing islands) to pick up an Alo-branded sweatshirt in the Lavender Smoke hue as well as a robe with a Tatcha logo on the back, both of which will be available to consumers when they visit.

If you've been on the internet at all these past few months, you've probably heard people talking about the Nintendo Switch video game, which puts you, the player, on a deserted island that you build up by borrowing money (or "bells") from Tom Nook, a raccoon dog/construction manager.

Starting August 14, Animal Crossing players will be able to take a trip to Tatchaland Island, the brand's virtual pop-up.

You may not be able to visit the island, but you can nab the Rice Wash Cleanser ($35) starting August 3, and Alo's Bae Hoodie ($88) and High-Waist Airbrush Legging ($82) in Lavender Smoke on August 11.

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