These Are Allure Editors' Favorite New Beauty Products For July 2020

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And until we can travel again, a glimmer of paradise has been found. "I hate floral and powdery scents, which are hard to avoid when shopping for natural deodorant, but Megababe's recent addiction of Soapy Pits Daily Deodorant to its lineup gives me the odor-busting formula that I love about Rosy Pits but with a fresh cedarwood and lime fragrance instead. "I'm a diehard red lipstick lover and tend to gloss over any other lippies, but since I've been working from home, I've surprised myself by taking to Tower 28's ShineOn Jelly Lip Gloss in Spicy, which is billed as a 'sheer-ish red. ' It delivers a lovely wash of red with just one swipe (though I like to build it up a bit more), so I don't have to give up the color I so dearly love and miss.

I'm now on my second bottle, which I use morning and night — from my hairline to my décolletagè — for dewy skin that can be seen in Zoom meetings and under a mask. "There's something very alluring about the idea of 'powdering' your lips, and the gorgeous Rouje Lip Palette Les 4 Rouje Powder — filled with four fresh takes on red — makes the process even chicer.

Plus, it just looks really beautiful. "Due to the harsh, alcohol-based formulas of the early aughts, I've been scarred (literally and figuratively) by skin-care products dubbed 'toners. ' For years, I've refused to use liquid exfoliators for fear of stripping my skin — until recently, when stay-at-home orders were put into place, and I found my skin looking oiler than ever.

But when I do feel like venturing into a lip stain or lipstick, I love popping this jelly on top for a dose of moisture and non-sticky shine. "I've been using the larger side of the heavy-duty BeautyBio Cryo Dual Roller to soothe the stiffness and swelling that takes over my joints once the weather goes above 80 degrees.

The thick conditioner softens up my hair for an easy detangling process. I need 10 bottles ASAP. "Lately, when I've decided to wear lipstick, it's Yulip's vegan formula in the shade Gochujang.

I love how its nice, gritty texture (thanks to the brown sugar) and moisturizing organic oils (sweet almond, castor, and jojoba) leave my skin so smooth and hydrated that I can get away with skipping lotion. "Never have I gone through a bottle of moisturizer so fast than during the month of June, when I single-handedly emptied the M-61 Hydraboost Water Cream Collagen+Peptide in mere weeks.

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