I Have to Store My Wedding Dress For a Year, So I’m Using These Expert Tips to Keep It Safe

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If, like me, you had to postpone your wedding or your dress came in super early but your shop can’t store it, keep reading for tips on how and where to store your gorgeous gown until your big day.

My mind immediately went to when my best friend picked up her dress before her wedding and received a long list of strict instructions from the shop such as "avoid cooking until after the wedding" and "keep it in a cool place" — and that was to store it at home for just two days!

"Most garment bags that come with your purchased gown are synthetic and better suited for transporting your gown as it helps to repel dirt and moisture – so don’t store your gown using that garment bag! " Lindsey told POPSUGAR.

To ease my panicking, I spoke with Lindsey Love, a senior brand stylist at BHLDN, for her tips on safely storing a dress for over a year.

However, after postponing my October 2020 wedding a full year due to the pandemic, this would-be exciting moment filled me with dread — what in the world was I going to do with my dress for over a year?

My first instinct for storage would have been to zip my dress into one of those vacuum bags so that not a lick of air could get to it, but plastic can leech gases over time, which can cause an odor, so it’s a definite no-no for long-term storage.

"Instead, cover the gown in a natural, breathable fabric like a cotton garment bag or clean white cotton sheet".

When I got the call that my wedding dress had been delivered to the bridal shop this past May, I should have been ecstatic.

One of the other worries I had about storing my dress for so long was that the pristine white fabric would turn yellow.

Will a Wedding Dress Turn Yellow If It’s in Storage For Too Long?

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