Why You Should Start Using Two Different Shades of Undereye Concealer ASAP

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This area is typically the same tone as the rest of your face. (Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes has a genius tip for shade-matching. ) This step will help your undereye concealer blend more seamlessly and look less like you have one bright swoop below your eyes. "There's no need to fill the whole undereye with a heavy, [brightening] concealer," Smith explains. "It may look great with your ring light for Instagram, but in real life you probably look a little too painted.

First, he dabs a lighter shade only from the inner corners to below the pupils with a flat brush. (The Sigma Beauty F75 Concealer Brush is a good option. ) Smith concentrates the brightening hue on this part as it's "where the eye is slightly darker or more purple," he says.

Although it packs an extra step into most people's routines, it's a more effective way to disguise dark circles. "This will make your skin look like skin," Smith explains. "There will be less fine lines and dryness under the eye.

The $73 Clé De Peau Concealer is one of Smith's favorites for this trick. "It's coverage with a natural feel," he says. "That's worth the splurge. " For a more affordable option, he suggests the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer.

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