9 Stylist-Approved Shears for Cutting Your Hair at Home

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Rather, he suggests looking for a medium-size (four- to six-inch blade) shear made of Japanese or German steel if you can afford it. "The Japanese made shears usually have a sharper convex edge, which is good for point-cutting or 'chipping' into things like your bangs, while German shears usually have an opposing handle, which will likely feel more natural in a non-hairdresser's hand as opposed to the offset handles that most pros use to avoid repetitive stress injuries," he says.

As far as cheaper options go, some high-quality stainless steel shears from the drugstore will get the job done, so long as they're the right size. "If you are an at-home novice looking for tools to cut your hair, I recommend getting a scissor that is four or five inches, as this will help to give more control on how much you cut," says New York City-based hairstylist Kali Ferrara.

Your tools of choice matter more than you would think. "It's important to select a pair that fits your hand well and glides easily through the hair when cutting," explains hairstylist Gina Rivera, in regards to what you should be looking for when shopping for shears. "Some of the things that contribute to this are the material the shears are made from, the length, the handle design, and the thumb design.

Hattori Hanzo's HH8 Talon Shears are the most expensive of the bunch and come recommended by Rivera, who is a big fan of the brand as a whole. "Their shears are made from Japanese steel, which makes them extremely durable [and] some of them also have titanium, which is another very strong material aligning with durability," she says. "In addition, it's very lightweight and comfortable to use for long periods of time — plus, they have a lifetime guarantee.

This pair also features a durable beveled blade and an opposing handle design, which offers a better grip — a benefit that's especially helpful if you've never cut your own hair. "These would be great for kid cuts or trimming bangs because they're super sharp and give you good control," says Smalley.

In addition to the Japanese stainless steel, removable finger rings, and the ergonomic offset handle, Cricket Shear Xpressions has a built-in silencer that keeps it from making that skin-crawling metal-rubbing-against-metal sound. "These are a great bang for your buck as they're high-quality but not too expensive," says Smalley. "I also love the fun colors.

If you're looking for a solid starter pair, hairstylist Olivia Smalley says Tweezerman's Spirit 2000 Styling Shears are excellent because they're made of high-quality stainless steel and feature micro-serrated edges to give you better precision and control.

The handle also has loops that are on the larger side, making them comfortable for most hand sizes. "If you're just looking for a straight across blunt cut, these are the shears for you because they're designed for beginners," says Smalley.

Additionally, they come with a removable finger rest for added comfort and control — that, and despite being so durable, they're incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver. "These are great quality and ideal for anyone who wants to protect the integrity of their hair," says Smalley. Hashir Professional 5.

The Japanese steel beveled blade has the ability to cut on wet and dry hair, which Smalley says is "essential for an even cut. " The handles are also semi-offset to give you a more natural grip when cutting.

Additionally, Chicago-based hairstylist Alex Brown says she's always been impressed with Fromme's high-quality products, including their shears. "These are the perfect length for an at-home haircut and make it easy to get the job done," says Brown.

Designed specifically with at-home haircutting in mind, Diane Tulip's 5 ¾" Shears are made of Japanese steel, which the pros highly recommend looking for as it's higher-quality material for smoother cutting and long-lasting.

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