The Absolute Best Disposable Face Masks to Buy Now

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Key selling points: These three-ply disposable face masks come in individual packages, so you can store them wherever you need for easy access (think: car glove compartment, jacket pocket, reusable shopping bag).

These three-ply face masks come in sealed cellophane wrapping in their box, and offer good value for your money, at $0. 36 per mask.

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommendation to use a face mask when you’re unable to social distance, and many states considering reopening schools, we wouldn't be surprised if we saw an upswing in demand for disposable face masks.

Key selling points: Customers note the value for money ($0. 65 per mask with Bed Bath & Beyond membership or coupons, otherwise $0. 80 per mask), three-ply construction, and bendable nose wire for an adjustable fit.

What customers say: “Face covers are comfortable and have not caused irritation behind my ear or constant sliding down like other disposable masks that require constant repositioning and touching… 5 stars its good protection, good fit, and comfortable for long use.

I've used these masks for a day now and can already tell a huge difference! 1. ) They are extremely lightweight and breathable. 2. ) They provide protection around the nose and mouth without hurting my ears after a few hours with nice stretchable ear loops. 3. ) They are an overall great product that are at a very reasonable price.

Cotton face masks that cover your nose, chin, and mouth rank a close third at blocking respiratory droplets from floating through the air and reaching others, with neck gaiters and folded bandanas being seemingly worse than not wearing a face covering at all.

This is a damn good mask, especially for the price (so good to see a company not price gouging masks right now). © 2020 Condé Nast. All rights reserved.

Key selling points: These Amazon Choice masks offer the best value for your money, at $0. 32 per mask.

After months of wearing face masks, we know that breathable cotton and silk options are more cost-effective over time—but with daily use, earloops rip, nose wires warp, and fabric stains.

On the totem pole of most effective face coverings, researchers at Duke University recently found that disposable face masks, or three-ply surgical face masks, were the second most reliable option after fitted N95 masks.

They're lightweight, adjustable, and breathable—which is especially helpful if your kids are having a hard time not destroying their cotton or reusable face masks.

What customers say: “They fit nicely, string is comfortable around my ears, the mask is stretchable enough and pleated enough for me to breathe.

Key selling points: Fast delivery, breathable, and comfortable to wear—the mask trifecta.

Key selling points: These adorably-packaged masks feature a more comfortable ear fit for kids.

Sometimes all you want is something easy and effective, and keeping a reserve of disposable face masks in your car, bag, or pocket can be a smart move when in a pinch.

Customers note the comfortable pleats, but they're on the higher end in terms of cost, at $0. 85 per mask.

What customers say: “These masks are very comfortable.

I feel better knowing that they are disposable as in my opinion is better to have a clean mask each time. Price was good! The amount is feasible. ” —EmV.

Key selling points: Similar to a surgical mask, these feature a three-layer design and the material is sturdy without being too rough on skin.

What customers say: "Good mask for the kids.

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