Tattoo Artist Dr. Woo's New Skincare Line is For Everyone, Inked or Not

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That was a big part of the brand, and who I was, and what kind of work I did. ” The work he has managed to do in the past few months has been meaningful—a tattoo for Kid Cudi of his daughter Vada, and more recently, a tattoo of the late Nick Cordero, who lost his months long battle with Coronavirus this July, on Cordero’s friend Zack Braff.

To me, it was a perfect time to create something that was a solution for helping take care of brand new tattoos, but more importantly also provide awesome skincare for everyone, whether you have a tattoo or not.

I definitely count my blessings because I’ve been able to make it work in this time, but I think for the tattoo community, it’s been pretty tough, the same way it has been with our friends in the restaurant businesses and a lot of independently-owned small businesses.

The first products in our line, the after/care kit, are the first iterations of the most important aspects of taking care of a new tattoo.

The brand pivoted it’s initial launch back in March into a giveback product that raised $276,000 for the non-profit Baby2Baby, proving philanthropy is in the brand’s DNA and will continue to be so with a rotating cast of initiatives. “The pandemic changed my work in a huge way.

Here, Woo discusses the inspiration behind his line and the challenges of launching a business during a pandemic—plus, he shares his advice for whether you should get that tattoo you’ve been thinking about.

Launching a skincare line almost two years in the making in the midst of a pandemic might deter the most seasoned entrepreneurs, and even the world’s most infamous single needle artist is feeling the changes of lockdown.

We have all this soap that we were going to sell and right now it’s more important that we’re teaching our kids and we’re teaching people in our community that we have to stay clean, and wash our hands, and stop the spread.

I’ve been honing my other crafts, painting and doing some more work with my hands that I don’t get a chance to, and focusing more on my other entrepreneurial projects that require my attention.

Woo,” and it’s eponymous skincare line, Woo, is about taking care of all types of skin, tattooed or not.

I wanted to create products that were specifically for enhancing skin in general, keeping the skin nourished, and taking care of and protecting it.

Would you say there are unique challenges to formulating a skincare line specifically for a tattoo care?

Have you been able to do any tattoo work in quarantine?

Today, he debuted an after/care kit, containing a soap and moisturizer combo, and gentle hand sanitizer, rounding out a lineup that includes his gentle cleansing soap set, which was released in March, and moisturizing sun shield SPF 30, a sunscreen available for preorder for November.

And the after/care moisturizer is for the second stage of healing to keep a tattoo moisturized and clean for the first 14 days.

Obviously, I love them and we’re close, but now that we’re all together under the same roof 24/7, it’s been nice to re-get to know my kids, and my wife, and we are participating in things that we may normally not have enough time to.

The Sun Shield is coming in November—that’s going to be an amazing, fragrance-free product with clean, simple ingredients.

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