Bad Tippers, Beware: TikTok’s Latest Trend Is Calling Out Celebrity Behavior

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Carolann’s TikToks also feature the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister, and she begins her comments by making a derisive sound that I’ll attempt to spell as “pffffffft. ” Ranking Jenner “2 out of 10,” Carolann says, “She was fine, but she tipped $20 dollars on a $500 dinner bill. ” Jenner is, famously, (maybe) a billionaire. “This is another one where I unfortunately did not have the best experience with them,” Carolann says in her second video about celebrity interactions. “She used to come in all the time and was pretty cold toward staff.

Like Carolann, Cindy rated Jenner 2/10, saying she “wasn’t really friendly” and “really arrogant. “There’s some celebrities in the industry that are sweet and awesome to work with, but there’s others that are… not a pleasure,” begins TikTok user Tamaran, a professional costumer and stylist. “Friends of mine who have worked on set with [Heigl] or in costumes have told me that she’s extremely difficult and always mad.

Why are you standing next to me. “Abby Lee from Dance Moms: Her character is not a character,” says TikTok user Emma, who has posted videos rating celebrities she says she assisted in her four years as an employee at an Apple store. “She was screaming at me,” she adds, giving the infamous dance teacher a 0/10.

In a video posted in July and viewed nearly 16 million times, 23-year-old Julia Carolann appears on a green screen in front of giant pictures of celebrities while she breaks down their behavior toward her as a host at an upscale New York City restaurant. The Hadid sisters? “Ten out of ten,” Carolann says.

Emma also speaks glowingly about Stevie Wonder, who she says had a tradition of coming into the Apple store on Christmas Eve and letting his family members pick out whatever they wanted. “So thankful he came into my store one year," she says. “I feel so blessed to have met this man. ” Then she adds, “He would come in when the store would close and we would have to stay late on Christmas Eve. But it was worth it. " Making hourly employees stay late on Christmas Eve? “Eight out of ten,” says Emma.

Just as the COVID crisis revealed transparently that celebrities have access to lifesaving medical care that most people do not get, the now infamous March 18 “Imagine” video was an excessively bad compilation of celebrities on their estates, tunelessly crooning “imagine no possessions” as people around the world scrambled for shelter from the pandemic.

In a series of TikTok videos, a user named Cindy rated celebrities who she says she interacted with as an employee at Los Angeles International Airport.

Or just another example of how viral internet trends can iron the nuance out of human behavior? “Imagine being a celeb,” said Australian model Rebecca Judd in horror, dissecting Carolann’s video on a radio show. “Imagine how nervous you would feel that you were going to get rated. Imagine!

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